Show the Next Quarter Who's Boss. 

Gain clarity and direction by building a better plan for your business today.

Do you feel like you've been spinning your wheels working IN your business, FOR your business, but not ON your business? Are you juggling clients, team members and projects? Let's change that and put you back in your proper visionary role, so you can do what you do best - lead your company!

Schedule Your Strategic Mapping Session Now

Hit the goals that really matter sooner than you thought possible.

If you've been feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or uncertain about where to focus your time and energy to grow and scale your business, you've come to the right place. Schedule a Strategic Mapping Session and together we'll uncover and prioritize the essential 7 Strategic Business Objectives, identify the projects and tasks that are critical to undertake in the next 3-6 months, and design a personalized timeline for execution.


Clarity & Alignment

Our process builds on your company's mission, vision and values so the projects you undertake are aligned, meaningful and poised for impact.


Strategic Advice

The 7 Strategic Business Objectives are common to all businesses, but their pattern of importance is unique to yours. We'll customize your plan so you can scale and grow more quickly.


Focused Action

You'll walk away with a detailed quarterly business plan that you and your team can implement immediately. Focusing on a quarter at a time enables you to stay nimble and responsive.

“Ashley was informative, attentive, encouraging, but insistent. We are far more productive today, thanks to her!”

— David, Leath Group 

Ashley Acker - Director of Operations

Partnering with Consultants, Trainers and Thought Leaders is My Passion

Hi, I'm Ashley Acker, Ph.D. and as a leadership development consultant with a background in business psychology, I understand your business from a different perspective. I've served in many roles during my career - from executive consultant to online business owner, from instructional designer to digital marketing expert, and from project manager to, currently, Certified Director of Operations. I bring all of my knowledge, experience and expertise to small business CEOs just like you, to provide clarity, direction and a plan so you can scale and grow your business and team more easily.

The Strategic Mapping Process

Using a proprietary process called the Strategic Mapping ModelTM, we’ll work together over the course of three one-hour sessions to define your mission, vision and values, identify and prioritize the elements of the 7 Strategic Business Objectives, pull out your key projects that will help grow your business over the next 3-6 months and create a clear timeline for execution.

Personalized Project Management Board

This Strategic Mapping Session will provide you with clarity, guidance and a customized roadmap for the next 3-6 months, all delivered in a digital project management board to ensure your projects and team stay on track.

Flexibility to Fit Your Schedule

Typically, we conduct the Strategic Mapping Sessions over the course of three one-hour sessions utilizing Zoom. Depending on pandemic restrictions, in-person VIP Days may or may not be available. Please inquire if you'd prefer a half-day in-person or virtual session instead.

Invest In Your Future

You've heard that an hour of planning can save you 10+ hours of doing, right? (Thanks Dale Carnegie!) It's time to stop spinning your wheels doing #allthethings or paying for your team to do the wrong things. Let's partner together and ensure you're doing the right things that will move you closer to your goals and help you grow your business. The investment in this Strategic Mapping Session will provide you with a clear, strategic plan and save you and your team hours of fruitless work in the coming weeks and months. 

Ready for Growth & Results? Time for a New Plan. 

Availability for a Strategic Mapping Session is limited. Don't delay - claim your spot now. This is the year you go from bottleneck to breakthrough, from reactive to responsive, and from playing small to dreaming and living big!

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