Surrounding yourself with a team of high performers, aligned with your mission and values, all working together to execute your vision is the dream, right? It's how you'll grow, scale and take your business to the next level. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way, especially when you hire before you're ready, select the wrong candidates and don't have time to manage their performance. Don't worry - we can help!


As your Human Resources Business Partner, we can serve you and your team in a variety of ways...


Organizational Design

Whether you're just at the beginning stages of building a team or already have people in place, ensuring you have the right organizational structure both now and for the future, will save you time, money and frustration with hiring. Through strategic Organizational Design, we'll identify the key roles and responsibilities you need on your team to achieve your business goals.


Talent Audit & Review

Hiring the right people for the right roles can be a challenge. If you have a small team, but aren't seeing the performance and results you desire, a Talent Audit and Review can provide the insight you need to make adjustments. Whether you need to reorganize responsibilities, increase management, clarify expectations or hire new team members, our Talent Audit will provide the answers you need to move forward successfully.


Team Member Onboarding

You've heard it before, right? The first 90 days on the job are critical! As a small business owner, every new team member counts and you must onboard them and set them up for success because high turnover will kill your business! We can define and systematize your onboarding process, partnering with you and your new hire for the first 90 days to ensure you have the right fit and see success.


Performance Management

Performance management is critical in small businesses, but often overlooked. The truth is, if you don't have the time to manage your team, you need to hire someone to manage them for you. Let us partner with you to create engagement, improve performance and increase retention.


Remote Team Systems

Managing a fully remote team of asynchronous workers can be a challenge if you don't have the right project management systems and technology in place. Luckily, we're pro's at setting your remote team up for success and can tell you the exact systems, processes and technology you'll need to succeed.

Ready to turn your Team Management over to a dedicated HR Business Partner?

Let's talk and figure out how we can partner together!

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